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What is KT Tape kinesiology tape?

Don’t allow yourself to be stopped by pain or injuries. KT Tape presents a unique sports tape to prevent injuries and pain.

KT Tape kinesiology tape Prevents Pain and Injuries – Speeds Recovery

KT Tape is the first professional kinesiology tape which has been made available to consumers. The tape slightly elevates the skin, thus reducing pressure on underlying veins and improving blood circulation. This way, KT Tape prevents or relieves pain and aids the body in the healing process. KT Tape is perfect for hamstring, knee- and calf-injuries, but also relieves backaches, e.g. during pregnancy. KT Tape allows you to move on with your day or workout as usual.

Optimal Support and Comfort

KT Tape is elastic and ultrastrong. You can continue getting the best from yourself, with full freedom of motion. Thanks to the specially developed materials used in KT Tape, it feels exceptionally light and comfortable. Our unique PRO Tape even stays in place for up to seven days – under all circumstances!


Using KT Tape, everybody can easily tape themselves. The tapes are precut and come with a convenient peel-off strop. This website has clear video-tutorials for any application.


kt tape kinesiology tape

KT Tape is available in striking, trendy colors with a reflective safety pattern. This not only lets you train in safety, it looks good too!


KT Tape comes in two versions: KT Tape Original (cotton) and KT Tape PRO (synthetic).

For support during daily or lighter activities, KT Tape Original is best. This tape will stay in place for up to three days. This tape is suitable for a sensitive skin. For the really fragile skin (children, elderly or oversensitive skin type) you can also choose for the KT Tape Original Gentle.

Do you like to work out? Our best sports kinesiology tape ever: KT Tape PRO. Will stay put under even the most extreme and wet environments. This is the only synthetic kinesiology tape for sports in the world with these unique properties. Do you even need more sticking power than the ‘regular’ KT Tape PRO? Then we have KT Tape PRO Extreme for you.

If you need advice concerning which KT Tape is right for you, use our Product Advisor on the bottom right in this screen. Of course you can always contact us.

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