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KT Tape is ‘kinesio’ tape. In contrast to normal tape, this elastic sports tape is used to allow muscles and tendons more freedom of movement and extra support in order to function properly. This leads to a better blood flow, which in turn:

  • Oxygen supply is increased
  • Waste is removed faster
  • Muscles cramp and acidify less
  • Tissue heals better and faster




KT Tape’s effect differs for each application

In case of runners knee, for example, KT Tape PRO provides extra support and slightly raises the kneecap (or: Patella). The remarkable supporting effects of this elastic sports tape would be impossible with cotton tapes.
In case of Shin Splints, KT Tape relieves pressure from the shinbone tissue. This kinesiologic effect improves bloodflow. Thus KT Tape relieves pain and aids the healing of damaged tissue.

This Innovative Technology Makes KT Tape Unique!

KT Tape always utilizes the most innovative technology to offer the best, lightest and strongest injury tape:

Ultra-light microfiber: perfect elasticity

KT Tape’s cotton tape (Original) is produced using extra strong cotton sleeves. KT Tape PRO is made using specially designed, ultra-strong synthetic material. Both tapes are elastic only in lengthwise direction, which offer optimal support without impairment to your freedom of motion. These tapes have an elasticity of 140%, which is equal to the human skin. Therefore, they are safe to use.

Unique Matrix Mesh: effective moisture draining

KT Tape PRO utilizes the specially designed ‘Matrix Mesh’. This ensures moisture is drained perfectly. This allows the tape to breathe and makes it comfortable to wear, without itching, irritation or allergic reactions of the skin. This can be used without problems during intensive workouts and in the water. Up to 5 days long.

Second Skin: Superior and Safe Adhesion

Whether you fancy a swim, a game of beach volleyball or a 10K Mud Race – KT Tape won’t let you down. KT Tape’s design team developed Second Skin: a perfectly balanced, latex-free adhesive. The result is a superior elastic sports tape, which will stay in place comfortably for 3-5 days, with painless removal afterwards. No matter what environment you’re in.

Second Skin hechtlaag

Watch our convenient video tutorials to learn how to tape yourself.


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