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General instructions


KT Tape is synonymous with the quality of its product. In order to achieve the best result, it’s important that you follow these steps exactly. KT PRO can withstand considerably more tension than ‘traditional’ (cotton) elastic tapes, and as such, optimal placement is required for optimal use of KT PRO.

Prepare the skin

Apply the tape at least 60 minutes before physical activity on clean, dry and warm skin. For an optimal result, clean the skin with alcohol and remove any body hair. PLEASE NOTE: shower gels, moisturizing agents, body lotions, etc. often contain oils and other substances that make adhesion impossible!

Round off the corners

Always round off the tape’s corners to prevent friction; this will make the tape last longer.

Don't stretch the tape too much

Avoid excessively stretching the tape by stretching the area of injury while applying the tape. Too much stretching of the tape will cause it to let go prematurely. Be sure to take a look at our instruction videos.

Don't touch the adhesive layer

Avoid contact between the fingers and the adhesive layer of the tape, otherwise that part of the tape won’t stick anymore!

The first and last 4-5 cm of the tape should not be stretched during application

The ends serve as ‘anchors’, making sure the tape stays firmly in place. You can also take a look at the instruction videos on our website.

Activating the tape

The latex-free adhesive is activated the moment it reaches just above body temperature. The smooth part of the covering paper can be used to (firmly!) rub the tape to make it warmer. This will cause it to activate and connect to the skin. You can also use a hairdryer to heat up the tape.

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