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Knee pain is a common injury that arises due to various reasons. Some of these include when the kneecap, known as the patella, is not moving properly or one or more meniscus is torn, ruptured or inflamed. Other causes can be when an individual is experiencing arthritis, plica, chondromalacia, or other complications within the area around the knee. There are also activities which result in knee issues such as poor running form, poor posture or misaligned hips, poor nutrition, over training, hyperextension, blunt trauma to ligaments, and muscles imbalances.


In most instances full knee pain treatment is needed in order to alleviate knee pain, although there are common and effective treatments such as increasing circulation, providing knee support, reducing pressure, and maintaining the knee’s range of motion, as well as total knee pain management. The main benefit provided by this application is that it covers a range of pains with the relatively simple act of balancing.

The common and effective means of treating knee injury are maintaining mobility, providing knee support, and reducing knee pressure in order to increase circulation within the knee area. Generally, movement is good for recovery, but in cases where knee pain gets worse, total knee pain management should be resorted to, together with ample rest. As soon as the knee injury becomes better, cycling and walking are good exercises to turn to when looking for ways to stay in shape while undergoing total knee pain management.

KT Tape has the ability to provide full knee pain treatment and address various knee issues. Through KT Tape, total knee pain management can be achieved and one may experience relief from pain and discomfort without the downside of wrapping or bracing, which restricts motion or circulation, unlike other treatments.

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