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kt tape synthetic vs cotton tapes

KT TAPE Pro is made of synthetic material and due to its mechanical mesh weave it is designed to provide precisely 140% bilinear elasticity is critical as this is the same elasticity as human skin.
By matching the exact elasticity in skin and stretching lengthwise, KT TAPE flexes and moves comfortably with the body’s tissue, releasing and recoiling like a rubber band.
KT TAPE Pro fits for joint or muscle movement and keeps the tension at high level when comparing with cotton tapes.

kt tape pro vs cotton tapes

kt tape pro better

KT TAPE Pro has a function in which it can respond to muscular plaint contraction, extension and large joint motions.

kt tape synthetic better than cotton

When a cotton tape is overlapped by another cotton tape, the tension becomes extremely tight, whilst KT TAPE remains elasticised.
When cotton tape is wet, the tension declines, but KT TAPE doesn’t even change when it’s wet.

kt tape pro beter dan katoenen tapes

Motoyama recommends 30-50% (or 20-40%) tension for tendon and joint, and 10-20% tension for muscle, are the best tensions to use with KT TAPE Pro.  For example, he tapes up on 90-degree bended knee with 40% tension; when the knee is bent at a 90-degree angle, the muscle already has about 30-40% tension so, the tension of KT TAPE Pro and the muscle is the same. This means that the tension of KT TAPE Pro will be 0% if the knee is straightened allowing KT TAPE Pro to work like muscle. Dr. Motoyama studied the pain scale by changing the tension of the tape, however there was not much difference.
Also, Dr. Kenzo Kase, who founded the original kinesiology method of taping, has stated that kinesiology tape lifts up the skin aiding blood flow.

kt tape blood flow

When taped using KT TAPE Pro, the skin temperature increases 0.5-1℃.It is demonstrated that muscle performance improves by 13% when the muscle temperature raises 1℃. Skin temperature and muscle temperature are not the same, but it is highly likely that the muscle temperature increases as the skin temperature is raised.

kt tape pro better than cotton

Using KT TAPE Pro increases the skin temperature by 0.5-1 degrees Celsius, meaning that muscle performance increases.
Muscle fatigue is reduced significantly when wearing KT TAPE Pro, and the level of myoglobin indicates the level of muscular damage, illustrating that KT TAPE Pro assists in the reduction of muscular damage.

If you would like to find out more about KT TAPE, its benefits, application of tape or you would like to purchase some for yourself, then please visit our website, email our sales and marketing team or call 08452 58 8273.

This entry was posted in Application, Instructions, News on February 7, 2014 by Gemma Cooper.

The general rule of thumb is that cotton tape is expected to last between 1-3 days, with synthetic lasting around 4-7 days.
However, this depends on each user and variables that need to be taken into consideration are: Where is the user going in the tape? What activities will the user undertake? What is the skin type of the user? Which area of the body is the tape being applied to? What temperature/weather is the tape being applied in?
You can see that with so many variables, common sense should prevail. Once the tape is used regularly, the user will understand what works best for them, however there are guidelines to follow when applying tape:
1. The application area should be shaved or at least have the hair cut down (with scissors) to around ¼cm.
2. Ensure that any kind of oils/sun-creams/moisturisers/lotions/pain relieving gels, etc. have not been used on the area prior to application. The adhesive will not stick to these types of oily/greasy products.
3. Allow the tape enough time to ‘set.’ KT TAPE sets best at warm body temperature and can take up to a couple of hours to do so depending on the individual and the atmospheric conditions. This is vital and in all probability, the main reason that users experience any issues with the adhesion of KT TAPE.
4. Another high factor reason is whether any tension on the ends of the tape has been created. It is crucial that the last 2.5 or 3cms at each end have absolutely zero tension.
5. Finally make sure that the area/muscle/tendon to be taped is in a stretched position, or if it’s a joint, (for example the knee or elbow,) that it’s bent to approximately 90 degrees.
In summary therefore, the trick is to apply the tape to clean, warm, dry, un-moisturised, shaved area that is held in a stretched or flexed position during application and should be left for at least a couple of hours before sweating, going into water, or undertaking any strenuous activity.
You can improve the bond further by an alcohol rub pre-application to really clean the skin on and around the application area. Using kitchen roll/towel, rub the application area allowing friction to create heat and any dead skin cells to be removed. Apply the tape and then carefully, but vigorously, rub the surface of the tape with the backing paper as this greatly enhances the adhesion.

kt tape pro vs cotton kinesiology tapes

effect kt tape pro

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