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The largest tendon in the body is the Achilles tendon. This is part of the body connects the calf muscles to the heel and is commonly used in almost all the activities that one performs, especially in walking, jumping, swimming, as well as in running, and this is a reason why there is an Achilles tendonitis treatment for runners. The Achilles tendon dense enough to withstand great pressure and forces, although it is also prone to inflammation and pain by reasons of over activity, a reason why Achilles tendonitis treatment is usually recommended. The pain is usually the result of inflammation or tendonitis or degeneration of the tendon or tendinosis, wherein therapy for Achilles tendonitis is advised.


Prior to any therapy for Achilles tendonitis, the usual causes for why Tendinitis develops are: use of poorly fitting or poorly worn footwear, abrupt changes in activity or in levels of training, or even when one trains on uneven or hilly running surfaces. Generally, before Achilles tendonitis treatment for runners is resorted to, the causes can be due to overuse before sufficient training and stretching for runners. Because in runners, when the body undergoes such activities, forces of as much as 8 to 10 times one’s body weight act to pressure the tendon; yet another reason why therapy for Achilles tendonitis is usually recommended in conjunction with the particular Achilles tendonitis treatment for runners.

The injuries of the Achilles tendon prior to any Achilles tendonitis treatment, and Achilles tendonitis treatment for runners, may range from inflammation to breaking down in the tendon. The area where the pain is generally felt is low in the back of the heel, because of the low vascular level and the susceptibility of this part of the body to inflammation. The pain that is experienced prior to therapy for Achilles tendonitis is usually felt higher up the Achilles, and is usually a muscular pain rather than tendonitis. In case swollen spots or knots are seen along the tendon, or in cases where the tendon feels jagged, strenuous activities and other Achilles tendonitis treatment should be stopped and you should immediately seek professional medical care.

The use of KT Tape can help in relieving the pain and in reducing the inflammation within this crucial tendon, together with therapy for Achilles tendonitis, proper rest, icing, and anti-inflammatory medication, all of which are also recommended. Although prior to any Achilles tendonitis treatment, one may feel pain even when walking, KT Tape can help you to get moving again.

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